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Hetherington Engineering, Inc Hetherington Engineering, Inc


Hetherington Engineering, Inc. has been providing Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeologic services since 1985. We principally provide services to homeowners and homeowner associations, builders, developers, architects, local building departments, insurance companies and the legal community in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Hetherington Engineering, Inc. maintains an up-to-date reference library, which provides a complete source for local building codes and ordinances, engineering, geologic and geotechnical publications and literature. In addition, we maintain a large collection of aerial photographs, topographic maps as well as California earthquake fault hazard, seismic hazard and landslide hazard maps.

Hetherington Engineering, Inc

Hetherington Engineering, Inc - LAB

State-of-the-art computer programs, software and hardware allow Hetherington Engineering, Inc. to provide our clients with detailed analyses of complex geotechnical problems, and enables us to provide practical, realistic and cost-effective solutions for a wide array of site conditions.

Hetherington Engineering, Inc. has a complete soils laboratory that can perform testing of soil samples for all engineering properties necessary for the evaluation, design and construction of new residential and commercial projects, as well as for repair of distressed structures and slopes. In addition, we maintain modern field sampling and testing equipment in order to provide our clients with the ability to obtain the most accurate data for use in our laboratory testing programs and engineering analysis.

With offices in Carlsbad and Laguna Beach, Hetherington Engineering, Inc., provides high quality, efficient and professional engineering services, and  rapid response times. Whether you are building or adding on to your own home, developing a parcel of land for a large or small residential or commercial project, or experiencing foundation or slope problems, Hetherington Engineering, Inc. can provide all of your geotechnical needs.
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